BHAGWATI FIRESHIELD Fire proof Enclosure System for valve actuators

Engineers India Limited, the India’s premier well versed with the engineering codes and practices followed worldwide and working with a large number of licensors and engineering/contracting companies worldwide, has witnessed and approved the Fireproof Enclosure systems designed, manufactured and tested by Bhagwati Construction & Engineers Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi to protect remote actuators for periods up to 30 minutes when exposed to fire hazard and flame engulfment in flame temperatures up to 11000C. A number of informal type tests were carried out in-house leading to the selection of the best suited techno-commercially suitable fire/thermal barrier insulation material prior to successfully carrying out a third party type test. The Third party type test was carried out at Fire Research Laboratory, Central Building Research Institute Roorkee a constituent establishment of Council Of Scientific & Industrial Research in November 2004 and was given under the witness of Engineers India Limited in accordance with the Technical Specifications approved by Engineers India Limited and was accorded full approval by EL-O-MATIC (INDIA) Private Limited Pune one of the world's market leading actuator and valve manufacturers.

Following the specific requirements of Engineers India Limited, during the third party formal third party fire test at the Fire Research Laboratory, a working pneumatic actuator was stipulated to be placed inside the Bhagwati Fireproof Enclosure to verify the efficacy of the Enclosure during the real fire situation. For this a randomly selected actuator of any reputed make was to be selected as a typical specimen. M/s EL-O-MATIC Pune, who are a internationally renowned manufacturer of Actuators volunteered to provide an actuator and accordingly the randomly selected EL-O-MATIC medium sized actuator model PE-1100. along with its accessories comprising of switches, solenoids and controls. All these were mounted inside the Bhagwati Fire proof Enclosure (BHAGWATI FIRESHIELD). The EIL specifications also required the actuator so protected with in the BHAGWATI FIRESHIELD to be operated from a remote station outside the furnace before the commencement of fire exposure, at every five minutes interval during the entire fire exposure period of 30 minutes to verify that the actuator remained constantly protected and at the end of fire exposure 30 minutes fire test period.

More than 120 BHAGWATI FIRESHIELD Fireproof enclosures manufactured by Bhagwati Constructions & Engineers Pvt. Limited at their Okhla manufacturing facilites since 1994 are in successful operation at various projects engineered by Engineers India Limited all over the country.


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